Eli Clement
Eli Clement

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Ghent based artist & producer Eli Clement was born in 1983. In his early years he played the saxophone and the clarinet in a classic environment until he discovered the world of electronic music. He started to experiment with synthesizers, sequencers and computers.
In the mid 90's he created strictly trance and hard trance but later on he joined the post-rock band 'Drive My Bike Into The Sea' and played the keys. This influenced him to experiment further outside the area of electronic music.
Nowadays he tries to create integer soundscapes influenced by different genres and tries to combine them to a minimalistic entity. Besides these recent experiments, he continues his work in the domain of progressive trance which is mainly published by the famous Belgian Bonzai Records label. Some of his work has been used for films and animations.
While being an artist/producer at night, Eli Clement is a mechanical research engineer during daylight. He is also devoted to the ocean and its waves. So when the swell is up, you'll find him offshore.